Five for the Drive: Tiger still can’t seal the deal; do moms play golf, too?

Yes, Gregg Hardy is a New York Islander fan, but he also enjoys wearing a great retro cap like this Minnesota North Stars lid.

Welcome to CSI’s first Five for the Drive installment. Each Sunday, I’ll put together five random — and, hopefully, coherent — thoughts for you to ponder on your way to school or work (but please read before you actually get in the vehicle!). Topics may range from pop culture/entertainment to technology to just some plain everyday occurrences to (not surprisingly) sports.

So, without further ado …

  1. This is why I’m in the “I doubt he’ll will ever win another major” camp. Tiger Woods is still pretty weak between the ears, especially when on the big stage. After effectively neutering Jordan Spieth from the get-go in their final-round pairing, he made his way to second on the leaderboard behind Webb Simpson. Granted, he was still four strokes back with a handful of holes to play, but the Tiger of old would have made Simpson sweat it out right up to the 18th green. BTW, for those left unsatisfied by that Woods-Mickelson pairing Thursday and Friday (thanks for that dud effort, Lefty): Was Spieth doing his best Phil impersonation with that birdie-quadruple bogey finish?
  2. Hats off to Webb Simpson for his tour de force performance at The Players. But … isn’t he a little too young to have gray in his beard? He’s 32. It wasn’t until the back nine on Sunday that I decided he had indeed finished applying the sunblock to his cheeks.
  3. This week, I helped my mother-in-law buy a new car. Actually, she leased it … and during one of our stops to the local dealerships, I was told that a little more than 70 percent of new car transactions come via lease. Is that possible? Do you buy or lease? Let me know on the CSI Twitter poll (@239CSI).
  4. The NHL has found me again. I grew up — and still am — a New York Islander fan, so the well has been pretty dry for much of the last … ahem … 30-plus years. It was nice to see the Washington Capitals shake the “loser” tag (at least when it comes to facing the Pittsburgh Penguins) and end the Pens’ bid for a Stanley Cup three-peat in dramatic sudden-death fashion. (Incidentally, the 1980-83 Isles are the last NHL team to win three straight Stanley Cups, and the last in major American sports to win four straight titles.) Now we’re left with Washington, Tampa Bay (If you don’t mind the two-and-a-half-hour drive, that’s a great arena to catch a game), Winnipeg (Have you seen their crowds? God only knows why the NHL left Winnipeg for all those years) and Vegas (An expansion team in the conference finals? Plus, you know … Vegas baby!).
  5. Hope all the moms out there had a Happy Mother’s Day. Taking dad out for a round of golf on Father’s Day seems fairly commonplace; but do any of you take Mom out for a round on her special day? If so, and you happen to have any pictures you’d like to share, please send them to, and we’ll be sure to post them. (Captions are highly encouraged.)

— Gregg Hardy, CSI editor